Michael Coteau
Michael Coteau
Member of Parliament for Don Valley East
Community Survey Results 2022

A few months ago, our office mailed out a survey to each home in our riding. We asked several questions, in order to better understand the issues that are important to our residents of Don Valley East. 

About 1,900 people participated in the survey and sent back their responses. I would like to personally thank each and every one of our residents who took the time to participate in this process. The results we received will help guide our office on future decisions and the work we do in Ottawa.

Healthcare was identified as the number one, most important issue for our residents. As most of you are already aware, healthcare is a joint federal and provincial responsibility as outlined in the Canada Health Act

The second most identified federal issue was Affordability. There is no question that the issue of the rising cost of living is impacting Canadians right across the country. Our office will continue to look for ways to work with our Government, individuals and organizations to help reduce the negative impact of inflation. 

Climate Change was also among the top 3 issues. There is no doubt that our environment is changing significantly, and that is why our Government's plan includes net-zero emissions by 2050, carbon pollution pricing, and an investment in clean technology and jobs.

One of the questions we asked our residents was around the recent Government’s handgun ban. 83% of our respondents agreed that banning handguns was a good decision. Bill C-21, that came into effect on October 21, 2022, stops people from buying, selling or transferring handguns within Canada.

We also asked constituents if they felt safe in our community, and 79% responded yes. This means we have some work to do, since 1 in 5 residents currently do not feel safe. 

Finally, we asked how people felt about the service our office provides to the community, and 88.5% responded that they were satisfied or neutral. Our office will continue to work hard to bring this number closer to 100%.

Thank you again to everyone who participated.

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