Michael Coteau
Michael Coteau
Member of Parliament for Don Valley East
Rise of Bosware
Member of Parliament Michael Coteau (Liberal - Don Valley East) today released his report “The Rise of Bossware”, examining the privacy issue of employees who work from home.

In March 2022 Coteau launched a cross-Canada consultation to look at the issue of employer surveillance of employees who work from home, the impact on privacy, how different governments have responded to the issue, and how to create sensible rules that protect employees and help employers. “Over several months I met with privacy experts, local citizens, employers and government officials,” said Coteau, speaking at the National Press Gallery in Ottawa, “and it is clear that the current patchwork of laws is not good enough.”

“Privacy protection in your own home should be paramount, it is an internationally recognized right,” said Coteau, “and your privacy at home should only be abridged under limited circumstances, with clear rules and with limits on employers.”

“Power asymmetries embedded in remote workplace surveillance schemes harm workers in a number of ways, as outlined in MP Coteau’s new report: “The Rise of Bossware”, said technology expert Bianca Wylie of Digital Public. “Through this study, and related set of recommendations, MP Coteau rightfully calls on us to challenge remote workplace surveillance as a norm, and to set higher standards of care and respect for all workers in remote work environments.”

“I have two simple recommendations that are outlined in the report,” said Coteau, “and I also expect to introduce private legislation later this year. First, the greater federal government can take immediate action, as an employer, a regulator and a purchaser of goods and services, to make privacy protection paramount. And second, we need the federal and provincial and territorial governments to create a pan-Canadian framework that works for all Canadians with an emphasis on privacy protection.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic many Canadians shifted to working from home and employers responded with new technology and surveillance measures. As we settle into a new norm of working from home or hybrid work, we need to reset the rules to protect Canadians from unwarranted intrusion into their homes.”

Click here to read the report.

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